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Dubai's Quranic Park

ABC Australia/Reuters, Dubai's Koranic Park is here to school you about Islam - religion as info-tainment? Discover More…

Qur'an Lessons Online

Ahmed Shaaban, Khaleej Times, Take Quran lessons online via UAE's new platform
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BL's Oldest Qur'an

British Library, The British Library’s oldest Qur’an manuscript now online, 7 April 2016 I have reposted this because of a recent video.

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Borneo 'Fake News' Event

Borneo Bulletin, Curbing fake news spread: A fight we must wage as one united nation
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Digital Qur'an MSS Tweet

Tweet about digital Qur'an mss in the Vatican Discover More…

IslambyTouch  provides Braille Qur'ans (Saheeh International Translation). The provision of accessible versions/translations is an interesting area in relation to the Qur'an underrepresented in current studies. Details: amaliah, It’s National Braille Week: Meet the Couple Making Islam Accessible to the Blind
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