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'State of Social Media: Middle East 2018'

al-Bawaba, 5 Takeaways on Social Media in the Middle East in 2018 According to Oregon’s School of Journalism

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Yemen Hip-Hop Stopped

Reuters, Yemeni hip-hop dancers barred from dancing despite departure of al Qaeda
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Facebook Yemen Controversy

Metro, Facebook is censoring images of starving children in Yemen for being ‘sexual content’, 17 Dec 2018
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al-Qaeda in Yemen

albawaba, Al Qaeda in Yemen is Down But Not Out, 18 Sep 2018, "Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), Al Qaeda’s branch in Yemen, has been on a roller coaster of fortune over the past few years of the Yemen conflict. A heavy drone campaign against the group, as well as their territorial losses, has taken away the gains the group made in the early years of the war.

"But this shouldn’t be taken to mean that the AQAP threat is on the wane. How much of a threat AQAP presents in future depends on how Yemen will emerge from its horrific war, and how much help it is given recovering."
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