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Tell MAMA Annual Report 2018: Normalising Hatred

Tell MAMA Annual Report 2018: Normalising Hatred Discover More…

Tawhidi under spotlight

CJ Werlman, The New Arab, It's time for news media outlets to stop quoting 'fake Sheikh' Imam Tawhidi (opinion piece)
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'What is 'Gendered Islamophobia'?"

Middle East Eye, What is Gendered Islamophobia? Produced by @aayaalshamahi
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'Get Out of My Country' - photos

Human Rights News, ‘Get Out Of My Country’: Woman Launches Photography Exhibition On The Day-To-Day Effects Of Islamophobia Discover More…

Meeting an 'Islamophobic troll'

Hussein Kesvani, Guardian, Long Read, What happened when I met my Islamophobic troll Discover More…

'Islamophobia' definition debate

BBC News, Government rejects Islamophobia definition ahead of debate, 15 May 2019

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YouTube Vitriol

Buzzfeed, YouTube’s Newest Far-Right, Foul-Mouthed, Red-Pilling Star Is A 14-Year-Old Girl Discover More…

Australia Far-Right

SMH, Ex-head of Australian right-wing group posted anti-Islamic material online in breach of court order
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Coverage of the Christchurch attacks and their aftermath (updated) Discover More…

'State of Hate' Report

Guardian, Third of Britons believe Islam threatens British way of life, says report Discover More…

Counter-Islamophobia Kit

The Conversation, How to tackle Islamophobia – the best strategies from around Europe. Article from Amina Easat-Daas,
Centre for Ethnicity and Racism Studies, University of Leeds

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Mosque Plan = 'Fake News'

Rhyl Journal, Mosque plan for Prestatyn branded fake news, 14 Dec 2018
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'Islamophobic' Database under Scrutiny

Middle East Eye, World-Check 'terrorism' database cites 'Islamophobic' sources in Muslim profiles, 10 Dec 2018 Discover More…

Islamophobia Defined

I have endorsed the Islamophobia Defined statement, which is an important step forward in defining conceptual frameworks associated with anti-Muslim sentiment. Discover More…

Report on Fake News +

Patrik Hermansson, Hope Not Hate, Bots, Fake News and the Anti-Muslim Message on Social Media Discover More…

'Defending Scholarship'

Michael Munnik, Centre for the Study of Islam in the UK. Defending scholarship in public debates

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Grenfell 'bonfire video'

Guardian, Grenfell bonfire video: police search house as five men questioned

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Identity and 'Islamophobia'

C.J. Werleman,, How do white Muslims experience Islamophobia?
Social media linkage to this interesting article/opinion piece.
"I'm white and English. I've never faced racism in my life. I became a Muslim, then people would hurl abuse as I was no longer white," tweeted Christopher John George. "I never knew how bad it felt until I was on the other side… it is DISGUSTING."
"His tweet illuminates not only how Islamophobia is a virulent form of racism, but also narrates an untold story of the Muslim experience in western societies today - the story of how white converts to Islam are now considered by some racists as traitors to their race."

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Miqdaad Versi profile

Guardian, One man’s (very polite) fight against media Islamophobia, 18 Oct 2018 "For three years, Miqdaad Versi has waged a quixotic – and always scrupulously courteous – campaign against the endless errors and distortions in news about British Muslims. But can a thousand polite complaints make a difference? By Samanth Subramanian." Excellent article.

'Islamophobic' tweet allegations

Independent, Conservative London Mayor candidate embroiled in new Sadiq Khan Islamophobia row refers to online centred row based on a tweet by candidate Shaun Bailey.

Counter-Islamophobia Toolkit

Middle East Eye, Muslims in Europe facing 'hostility in everyday life', Islamophobia study finds "European academics and policy makers came together at the European Parliament in Brussels on Wednesday to launch what they describe as a "toolkit" to tackle Islamophobia across the continent." Toolkit link here: Counter-Islamophobia Toolkit – Prof. Ian Law, Dr Amina Easat-Daas and Prof. S. Sayyid
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