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'Cyber Sufis'

This week two important books about Islam and the Internet have appeared. Hussein Kesvani's book on UK Muslims and the net (previously blogged) and this new one from Robert Rozehnal on Sufis and the net. I was able to preview this, which is a really interesting read. It focuses on Inayat Sufism. Discover More…

Hands-free hijab

The New Arab, US state says it's legal to use a hijab to drive hands free Discover More…

Islamberg, N.Y.

New York Times, They Created a Muslim Enclave in Upstate N.Y. Then Came the Online Conspiracies.
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'Secret Life of Muslims'

Season 2 of The Secret Life of Muslims is out now Discover More…

Mona Haydar profile

Mona Haydar profiled

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