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Aceh Punishment

Guardian, Indonesian man flogged after breaking adultery law he helped draw up
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Muslim Millennials Online

Hussein Kesvani, Times Magazine, Inside the online world of Muslim millennials, 18 May 2019
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'Halal pickup lines'

Stepfeed, People are getting ready for Ramadan ... with halal pickup lines
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Ongoing Australia Case

ABC Australia, Man searched online for Islamic punishments for wife's infidelity before murder, court told
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Male Guardianship Tweets

Stepfeed, Saudi father criticizes the male guardianship system in viral tweet
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Qatar preacher opinion

Stepfeed, Muslim preacher thinks there is a 'right' way for men to beat their wives Discover More…

Muzmatch profile

BBC News, 'Muslims don't date, we marry'. Discover More…

Single Muslim Mums

New and noted.
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