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Gary R. Bunt

Research: France, Muslims & Net

L’espace public traditionnel à l’épreuve de la critique de musulmans Français. February 2020
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Hijab & Representation Issues

TMV, Three reasons why stating that ‘hijab fashion is empowering’ is problematic Discover More…


SCMP, ‘People would tell me to remove my scarf’: Muslim CrossFit athlete Nastassia Kaddour readies for her first CrossFit Games
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Arab Fashion Heritage Online

Gulf Today, Arab heritage through the prism of traditional fashion
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KSA Abaya Online Debate

Mariam Nabbout, Stepfeed, Saudi scholar believes women 'shouldn't be forced to wear abayas'
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'Islamic tartan'

The National,  'Scotland's Islamic tartan is going viral, but why now?
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JooJoo Azad

Aysha Khan, RNS, Immigrant-run clothing company aims to change fast fashion-culture, starting with US Muslims

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