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British Muslims

Imams Online Campaign

Imams Online, Islam and Forced Marriage
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Halal hen-do

Faima Bakar, Metro, 'What goes down at a halal hen do' ? Discover More…

UK Muslims in cyberspace

Hussein Kesvani, Follow Me, Akhi: The Online World of British Muslims (London: Hurst & Co)
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Welsh Muslims

This is an outstanding piece on Welsh Muslims: Wales Online, You Don't Know Us Discover More…

'IS' Fighters Interview

BBC, British IS fighters speak after defeat

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'IS' recruit killed

Times, Baby-faced Coventry jihadist killed by Isis as western spy Discover More…

LGBTQ Issues

Guardian, 'I feel caught in the middle': queer Muslims on the LGBTQ lessons row

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Cambridge Mosque

Cambridge Mosque is now open for prayer.

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UK IS Case

BBC News, Lewis Ludlow: How the Oxford Street terror plotter was caught
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Shamima Begum Case - update

For details of the Shamima Begum case, click here:
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Cardiff Muslim Community 1961

Via Cardiff UK Islam Centre, I've discovered a gem of a COI film about Muslims in Cardiff, made in 1961. Discover More…

Gender and Sexuality

BBC News, 'It is possible to be Muslim and a lesbian'
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Somalis in the UK

'See my Dunya' is a new film on Somali communities in Manchester. Discover More…

De-radicalisation Resisted

BBC News, Oxford Street terror attack plotter 'resisted' de-radicalisation, 3 Jan 2019
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Self-radicalisation case - UK

Mail Online,

'Self-radicalised' Uber driver who drew sketch of gun raid on Downing St while awaiting trial for samurai sword attack on police near Buckingham Palace is found NOT GUILTY of terror plot
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ISIS-obsessed teenager jailed over online terror videos

Birmingham Live, ISIS-obsessed teenager Sudesh Amman jailed over online terror videos
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Women Making Space in the Mosque

BBC World Service, Heart & Soul, Women Making Space in the Mosque

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Religious Authority between Generations

Economist, Young Muslims challenge the old guard at Britain’s mosques
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UK: Prosecution for spreading IS propaganda

Telegraph & Argus, CCTV operative spread graphic Islamic State propaganda, court told
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Dawn of the Code War

John P. Carlin, Inside the hunt for the world’s most dangerous terrorist, Politico Discover More…

Mawlid Celebration

UK procession to mark 'Mawlid' recorded on Facebook. Discover More…

Exploring Black/African/Afro-Caribbean Muslim Heritage in British History

Everyday Muslim, Heritage Shorts - Exploring Black/African/Afro-Caribbean Muslim Heritage in British History
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Islam in Britain blog

I continue to maintain my Islam in Britain blog. Some of the materials cross-over into the themes of this blog. Discover More…

Photographic Legacy

BBC Radio 4, Desert Island Discs, Vanley Burke
"Lauren Laverne interviews photographer Vanley Burke, known as the godfather of black British photography."
Burke's important portfolio includes many religion related photos, including from Birmingham's Muslim communities. It's an incredible legacy. Do check it out (I can't reproduce any here for copyright reasons).

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Black and Muslim in Britain

New Horizons in British Islam, Black History Month Discover More…

Follow Me, Akhi.

Forthcoming in 2019


Hussein Kesvani, Follow Me, Akhi: The Online World of British Muslims, Hurst & Co
"What does it mean to be Muslim in Britain today? If the media is anything to go by, it has something to do with mosques, community leaders, whether you wear a veil, and what your views on religious extremists are. But as all our lives become increasingly entwined with our online presence, British Muslims are taking to social media to carve their own narratives and tell their own stories, challenging stereotypes along the way."
Looking forward to seeing this.

'Islamophobic' tweet allegations

Independent, Conservative London Mayor candidate embroiled in new Sadiq Khan Islamophobia row refers to online centred row based on a tweet by candidate Shaun Bailey.

The Muslim Undertakers of the East End

AlJazeera, Whitechapel, London: The Muslim undertakers of the East End, 26 Sep 2018 "A family of Muslim undertakers offers a glimpse into a vibrant community that the far right has tried to demonise." Digression from this blog, but a wonderful documentary.

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