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The Page 99 Test

Here's my response to the Page 99 Test … Read More…

Building Resilience to Extremism and Exploitation

I'm participating in the 'Building Resilience to Extremism and Exploitation' event in Cardiff on 28 November Read More…

'Hashtag Islam' at AAR

'Hashtag Islam' at AAR (UNC Press Stand) - given I couldn't make it in person …

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UNC Press 15th Anniversary celebration

UNC Press is celebrating the 15th anniversary of its Islamic Civilization and Muslim Networks series, which I have had the privilege of contributing to. Great team to work with.
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'Hashtag Islam'

Publishers Weekly, Faith Matters: Religion & Spirituality Spotlight 2018 refers to 'Hashtag Islam' Read More…

South Asia Edition: 'Hashtag Islam'

Pentagon Press edition - Hashtag Islam

My book 'Hashtag Islam' is now available to order in the Indian sub-continent from Pentagon Press. This is a special edition (hardback) with a different cover.


It's also available via the usual bookshops, and from

Click below to see a larger version of the cover:

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Islam in Britain blog

I continue to maintain my Islam in Britain blog. Some of the materials cross-over into the themes of this blog. Read More…

Academydd o’r Drindod Dewi Sant yn canolbwyntio ar Islam yn y seiberofod ar gyhoeddiad ei lyfr newydd

PYYDDS, Academydd o’r Drindod Dewi Sant yn canolbwyntio ar Islam yn y seiberofod ar gyhoeddiad ei lyfr newydd
"Mae cyhoeddiad rhyngwladol sy’n canolbwyntio ar sut mae amgylchoedd seiber-Islamaidd yn trawsnewid awdurdod crefyddol wedi cael ei gyhoeddi gan academydd o gampws y brifysgol yn Llambed. "
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UWTSD Academic focusses on Islam in cyberspace with new book release

University of Wales Trinity Saint David, UWTSD Academic focusses on Islam in cyberspace with new book release

"An international publication focussing on how cyber-Islamic environments are transforming religious authority has been released by a UWTSD Lampeter based academic."

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South Asia edition - Hashtag Islam

The planned publication date for the South Asia edition of 'Hashtag Islam' is mid-November. This will allow for a cheaper and more accessible copy to be available for readers in this market. I understand everything is on schedule. Full details, ISBN and cover will be posted as soon as the information becomes available from the publisher. Read More…

Hashtag Islam NOOK ebook

More product placement: my book 'Hashtag Islam' is available through Barnes & Noble as a NOOK ebook. It's an ideal format to take a look at my research.

Hashtag Islam - UK

Hashtag Islam: How Cyber Islamic Environments are Transforming Religious Authority is now available through UK bookshops (on- and offline).

Hashtag Islam cover

Discounted 'Hashtag Islam'

Special Offer:
SAVE 40% on 'Hashtag Islam' (and 'iMuslims') during the UNC Press Religious Studies Sale using discount code 01REL40. Click here for details
T&C apply, etc.

Commercial break

Paperback/hardback versions of 'Hashtag Islam: How Cyber-Islamic Environments Are Transforming Religious Authority' (Islamic Civilization and Muslim Networks) are available from this week via Also available directly from the publisher, through all good bookstores and online retailers (with market variations in terms of release date).

Hashtag Islam

'Hashtag Islam' is officially out this week, in hardback, paperback and e-book formats (in some markets, different dates apply to some of these elements). The book is the culmination of several years research. I welcome feedback from readers via this website or through social media.

Book details

Islamic Studies Pathways - Revived

I will be revising/reviving Islamic Studies Pathways, which I started in 1996. Its most recent incarnation was on Tumblr, so I am linking to it here. Watch this space for further revisions.

Library Journal Review - Hashtag Islam

“ … the sociological underpinnings of this work make for a touchstone for further investigation.” James Wetherbee, Library Journal, 'Spirituality and Religion', August 2018

Hashtag Islam - Print Version

I'm very pleased to have received my first printed copy of 'Hashtag Islam'. It's been great to have had the chance to work again with series editors Bruce B. Lawrence and Carl W. Ernst - alongside Executive Editor Elaine Maisner and the excellent UNC Press team. The book is out in October.

Photo: Hashtag Islam covers

Lessons From ISIS: Using the Internet for Counter-Terrorism

The Quint, Lessons From ISIS: Using the Internet for Counter-Terrorism "Bloom and Daymon in their research paper titled ‘Assessing the Future Threat: ISIS’s Virtual Caliphate’ join a chorus of other researchers such as Charlie Winter and Haroro J Ingram from the International Centre for Counter-Terrorism (ICCT) at The Hague in highlighting how ISIS has, by design and impeccable execution, changed the way the internet can be used for radicalisation.."

I discuss similar themes in 'Hashtag Islam'.

Also see
Mia Bloom and Chelsea Daymon, Assessing the Future Threat: ISIS's Virtual Caliphate

Virtually Islamic Blog - Regenerated

Work in progress:

My Virtually Islamic blog has been running in various formats since 2000 (2003 on Blogger). All of the entries can be found

While I will continue to maintain that page, as part of my website revision in anticipation of the publication of 'Hashtag Islam', I will also be using this platform for further Virtually Islamic blog posts.
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