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Gary R. Bunt

Xinjiang under Surveillance

aljazeera, HRW: China using mobile app for surveillance of Uighurs
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Uighurs & social media

Darren Byler, Guardian, China’s hi-tech war on its Muslim minority, 10 Apr 2019
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Uighur Transplant Allegations

CJ Werleman, Medium, New Horrors: China Harvesting Muslim Organs in Concentration Camps.

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Facial recognition database

ZDNet, Chinese company leaves Muslim-tracking facial recognition database exposed online Discover More…

Uighur Intellectuals Persecuted

NYT, China Targets Prominent Uighur Intellectuals to Erase an Ethnic Identity
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Uighur Monitoring

Business Insider, A wall of silence around China's oppression of its Muslim minority is starting to crumble Discover More…
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