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Gary R. Bunt

Yazidi Survival

BBC Outlook, Secret SMS texts saved my family from IS
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Kotey & Elsheikh Interview

CNN, One of the ISIS 'Beatles' says he's sorry. Will confessions save these fighters from death row? Discover More…

IS 'caliphate' 'ended'

Guardian, Isis defeated, US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces announce
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Hair-raising hipsters of Baghdad

Guardian, The hair-raising hipsters of Baghdad – in pictures
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Sistani profile

TRT World, Grand Ayatollah Ali al Sistani’s influence over Iraq
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Iraq's Post ISIS Campaign of Revenge

A sobering essential long-read by Ben Taub (and associated photographers): New Yorker, Shallow Graves/Iraq's Post ISIS Campaign of Revenge Discover More…

'Islamic State' Genocide: Report

NPR, Islamic State Dumped At Least 6,000 Bodies In Mass Graves In Iraq, U.N. Says

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Mosul Eye

Guardian, Lucy Lamble, Small Changes, The Mosul historian who risked his life to blog about life under Isis – podcast, 26 Sep 2018 "When his beloved city was occupied by Islamic State, Iraqi Omar Mohammed was determined to document every atrocity – as anonymous blogger Mosul Eye" Essential listening
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