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Balkan Radicalisation Issues

Emina Dizdarevic and Lamija Grebo, Balkan Insight, Bosnia Failing in Fight against Extremism Online
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Radicalisation in Indonesia

ASEAN Today, Social media is facilitating Islamic radicalisation in Indonesia
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International Cyber Terrorism Regulation Project

David Fidler, Council on Foreign Relations, Terrorism, Social Media, and the El Paso Tragedy Discover More…

Trinidad & Tobago Radicalisation Issues

Nation News, Region warned not to be lured into a false sense of security regarding terrorist attacks
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Cytrec Conference

CYTREC TASM Conference presentations and papers archived Discover More…

Irish Radicalisation Issue

BBC News, IS bride Lisa Smith denies training girls to become fighters Discover More…

Terrorism and Social Media (TASMConf)

Small Wars Journal, Terrorism and Social Media (TASMConf) Discover More…

Content Removal Issues

Joe Whittaker, Lawfare, How Content Removal Might Help Terrorists (analysis/opinion)
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Bangladesh radicalisation

Deutsche Welle, Bangladesh's mainstream pupils more radical than Islamic school graduates
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'Jihad Jack'

Updates on the case of 'Jihad Jack' Discover More…

Fighting Prejudice Online

Eleanor Peake, New Statesman, Meet the young Imams fighting Islamophobia and extremism, one Twitter DM at a time Discover More…

'IS' rocket research

The Standard, Haisem Zahab, electrician from Young, jailed for missile research to help Islamic State
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From Battlefront to Cyberspace

One for future reading:

Asaad Almohammad & Charlie Winter, From Battlefront to Cyberspace: Demystifying the Islamic State’s Propaganda Machine, CTI, June 2019

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Australia 'IS' Court Case

ABC News (Australia), Bangladeshi student Momena Shoma sentenced to 42 years for terror attack on homestay landlord
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German 'converts'

Deutsche Welle, Anna, a young woman seeking love and Allah
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Sri Lanka Bombers

WSJ, Sri Lanka Bombers Blew Up Motorcycles, Lost Fingers Honing Deadly Skills
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Online bomb-making tutorial

Reuters, Wisconsin woman taught bomb-making online for Islamic State: prosecutors
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Click once for prison

Independent, New law where clicking on terrorist propaganda once could mean 15 years in prison comes into force Discover More…

Abu Hamza al-Britani

Washington Post/SCMP, Is there a McDonald’s here? Once-pudgy jihadi ‘Hungry Hamza’ asks about fast food after capture in Syria Discover More…

'IS' Fighters Interview

BBC, British IS fighters speak after defeat

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Coverage of the Christchurch attacks and their aftermath (updated) Discover More…

IS 'e-jihad'

Washington Post, She seemed like a normal Web-savvy teen. She was actually waging ‘e-jihad’ with ISIS hackers.
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BBC News, Russia's IS families: 'Why are the children being punished?'
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Hate Groups Online

Joan Donovan, Director of the Technology and Social Change Research Project, The Atlantic, How Hate Groups’ Secret Sound System Works Discover More…

Shamima Begum Case - update

For details of the Shamima Begum case, click here:
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Kenya: al-Shabab Recruitment

Halima Gikandi, PRI/GlobalPost, The group behind Nairobi’s recent terror attack recruits young people from many faiths. Officials can’t stop it.
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Deradicalisation in the Netherlands

Liesbeth van der Heide, Bart Schuurman, Reintegrating Terrorists in the Netherlands: Evaluating the Dutch approach, Journal for Deradicalization
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De-radicalisation Resisted

BBC News, Oxford Street terror attack plotter 'resisted' de-radicalisation, 3 Jan 2019
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Rethinking Radicalisation

Al Jazeera, Rethinking Radicalisation: How the West's dealing with perceived threats of a post-9/11 world affects young people vulnerable to radicalisation. Discover More…

e-Jihad Florida

Miami Herald, Florida man charged with distributing bomb-making designs for Islamic extremists
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Iraq's Post ISIS Campaign of Revenge

A sobering essential long-read by Ben Taub (and associated photographers): New Yorker, Shallow Graves/Iraq's Post ISIS Campaign of Revenge Discover More…

Online Radicalisation in Hawaii

USDOJ, U.S. Soldier Sentenced to 25 Years in Prison for Attempting to Provide Material Support to ISIS
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Wales Far-Right Issues

BBC News, System Resistance Network: Neo-Nazi group 'should be illegal'
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The New Radicalization of the Internet

NYT, Opinion, The New Radicalization of the Internet
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Net radicalisation

Sydney Morning Herald, Terror plot ringleader's sentence revealed for the first time, 16 Nov 2018
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Right-wing hate recruitment

NPR, Right-Wing Hate Groups Are Recruiting Video Gamers

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Anjem Choudary net restrictions

Guardian, Jailed preacher Anjem Choudary faces strict controls after release, 18 Oct 2018
"Restrictions on convicted Isis supporter cover using the internet and speaking in public."

Prisons and Radicalisation

Independent, How British prisons became a breeding ground for Islamist extremism "Ian Acheson, a former prison governor who led the review, told The Independent that a “lethal combination of arrogance and ineptitude at the top meant that the scale of the problem was not remotely understood”."

Useful summary with links to reports.

Facebook recruiters jailed

Agence France Presse, The Daily Star, Spain court gives Facebook Daesh recruiters prison sentences, 26 Sep 2018 "A Spanish court has sentenced four people to prison terms of up to seven years for recruiting and indoctrinating supporters, mainly young Muslim women, for Daesh (ISIS) via Facebook."

Facebook recruiters jailed

Agence France Presse/The Daily Star, Spain court gives Facebook Daesh recruiters prison sentences, 26 Sep 2018

"A Spanish court has sentenced four people to prison terms of up to seven years for recruiting and indoctrinating supporters, mainly young Muslim women, for Daesh (ISIS) via Facebook."

Countering Islamist Radicalisation in Germany

New and noted: ICCT, Countering Islamist Radicalisation in Germany – A Guide to Germany’s Growing Prevention Infrastructure refers to Behnam T., Said and Hazim Fouad. “Countering Islamist Radicalisation in Germany – A Guide to Germany’s Growing Prevention Infrastructure.” The International Centre for Counter-Terrorism – The Hague 9 (2018). [Haven't read this yet]

Lessons From ISIS: Using the Internet for Counter-Terrorism

The Quint, Lessons From ISIS: Using the Internet for Counter-Terrorism "Bloom and Daymon in their research paper titled ‘Assessing the Future Threat: ISIS’s Virtual Caliphate’ join a chorus of other researchers such as Charlie Winter and Haroro J Ingram from the International Centre for Counter-Terrorism (ICCT) at The Hague in highlighting how ISIS has, by design and impeccable execution, changed the way the internet can be used for radicalisation.."

I discuss similar themes in 'Hashtag Islam'.

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Mia Bloom and Chelsea Daymon, Assessing the Future Threat: ISIS's Virtual Caliphate
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