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Data Darbar Attacked

Data Darbar (Data Ganj Baksh) mosque in Lahore has been attacked. Discover More…

'Cyber Sufis'

This week two important books about Islam and the Internet have appeared. Hussein Kesvani's book on UK Muslims and the net (previously blogged) and this new one from Robert Rozehnal on Sufis and the net. I was able to preview this, which is a really interesting read. It focuses on Inayat Sufism. Discover More…

Sufi Soul: The Mystic Music of Islam

One of the best documentaries on Sufism is now on Netflix Discover More…

Sufi Art

al-Jazeera, Qatari artist Yasser Al Mulla: Drawing a Sufi controversy
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Digital Islam and the New Sheikhs

Suzanne Schneider, The Revealer, Digital Islam and the New Sheikhs Discover More…

Podcast: Path & Present

iTunes, Path & Present w/Baraka Blue.


Some future listening here. Discover More…

IS 'History'

Aymenn Jawad Al-Tamimi, The Islamic State Research Office's Self-History

Long read, with lots of interesting detail. I haven't gone through it all yet.
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“Of Fathers and Sons” film

Murtaza Hussain, The Intercept, “Of Fathers and Sons” — a Startling Film Goes Inside a Generational Apocalypse in Syria

What appears to be a depressing but essential piece of cinema (I have only viewed the trailer so far).

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Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

BBC Radio 4, Nusrat Was My Elvis.

Profile of the magnificent and unique Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, together with a few choices of my own.

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Sufism in Uzbekistan

Sufism in Uzbekistan discussed in great BBC programme:

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