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Amaliah Profile

Stylist, How I created a platform to amplify the voices of Muslim women Discover More…

JooJoo Azad

Aysha Khan, RNS, Immigrant-run clothing company aims to change fast fashion-culture, starting with US Muslims

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Hands-free hijab

The New Arab, US state says it's legal to use a hijab to drive hands free Discover More…

KSA Viral Video

al-Bawaba, Saudi Woman Goes Shopping Without Her Abaya Challenging Mandatory Dress Code
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Asking for a Friend: What's it Like Wearing Hijab?

Al Jazeera, Asking for a Friend: What's it Like Wearing Hijab? Discover More…

Dina Torkia

StepFeed, Newsflash: Hijabi bloggers don't owe you their faith
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Protesting Hijab in Iran

BBC News, The Iranian trailblazer who removed her headscarf, 7 Dec 2018

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KSA 'inside-out abaya'

A prominent campaign has appeared on social media from SaudiArabia relating to dress codes over the past week.

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amaliah, #ProtectYoungHijabis the Hashtag Formed to Protect Over 900 Young Muslim Women From One Sexual Predator Discover More…

M&S Hijab

Online discussions about the sale of hijabs in Marks & Spencer, as represented here on Twitter.


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