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Asian Muslim Tech Startups

Asian Nikkei Index, Asian Muslim tech startups hope to lure Islam's 1.8bn followers, 22 May 2019 Discover More…

Instagram Malaysia Suicide

Guardian, Teenage girl kills herself 'after Instagram poll' in Malaysia, 15 May 2019 Discover More…

Islamic Fintech

NST, PM: Islamic banking players must invest in technologies

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Malaysia Net Prosecution

SCMP, Malaysian jailed for more than 10 years for insulting Islam on social media Discover More…

Southeast Asia Online Market Growth Projection

KrAsia, Southeast Asia’s online retail market to reach $53b in 2023
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Borneo 'Fake News' Event

Borneo Bulletin, Curbing fake news spread: A fight we must wage as one united nation
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Trolling 'un-Islamic'

Malay Mail, FT mufti advises Muslims not to troll others, says unIslamic, 28 Dec 2018
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Malaysia Fashion

Star, Made By Malaysia, Loved By The World, 10 Dec 2018
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Anwar Ibrahim on the frontline

Anwar Ibrahim returns to the political frontline in Malaysia. There's a significant social media element to this re-emergence. Discover More…

SalamBrowser in Malaysia

I discuss Islam-friendly apps and browsers in 'Hashtag Islam', and here's a new option: The Star Online, Syariah compliant web browser aims to make the Internet a better place, Sep 28 2018 "… SalamBrowser, touted as the world’s first syariah-compliant web browser, which Salam Web claims will eliminate inappropriate content from the search results." There have been several attempts at this kind of browser product before, so it will be interesting to see how effective it is compared with mainstream products.
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