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Anti-Muslim Prejudice

'Anti-Islam' Marcher against Brexit

Guardian, Anti-Islam activists get key roles in 'family-friendly' Brexit march, 7 Dec 2018
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Report on Fake News +

Patrik Hermansson, Hope Not Hate, Bots, Fake News and the Anti-Muslim Message on Social Media Read More…

WhatsApp struggling to control fake news in India, researchers say

Guardian, WhatsApp struggling to control fake news in India, researchers say, 12 Nov 2018 Read More…

Trolls attack Islam

Jamie Prentis, The National, Russian trolls stoked UK hatred of Islam after terrorist attacks, 1 Nov 2018 Read More…

Identity and 'Islamophobia'

C.J. Werleman,, How do white Muslims experience Islamophobia?
Social media linkage to this interesting article/opinion piece.
"I'm white and English. I've never faced racism in my life. I became a Muslim, then people would hurl abuse as I was no longer white," tweeted Christopher John George. "I never knew how bad it felt until I was on the other side… it is DISGUSTING."
"His tweet illuminates not only how Islamophobia is a virulent form of racism, but also narrates an untold story of the Muslim experience in western societies today - the story of how white converts to Islam are now considered by some racists as traitors to their race."

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