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Sheikha Minira Abdou

Farah Ibrahim, Scene Arabia, Her Voice Wasn't 'Aware: Meet Sheikha Minira Abdou, Egypt's First Radio Qur'an Reciter Excellent article

"Clad in dark lipstick, circular dark spectacles reminiscent of Ozzy, and a draping black veil, the Sharqeya-born woman began reciting in 1920 at the young age of 18 at funerals in her city. At the time, funerals lasted six days, divided into three days each for male and female grievers, and the presence of a Sheikha to recite Quran for women was necessary. Not long after, the skinny, blind girl with the voice of an angel quickly found herself rising in the ranks of the Islamic community, becoming an equal peer of renowned reciters like Sheikh Mohamed Refaat."

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