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Gary R. Bunt

'Communicating Religion' Conference

Forthcoming conference activity:

I'm going to be giving a 20 minute paper at the British Sociological Association's Sociology of Religion Study Group (SocRel) Annual Conference 2019 in Cardiff in July, which has the theme 'Communicating Religion'. Good to go to an academic event in Wales!

Brief Abstract from SocRel on the conference: "As scholars of religion, we are all tasked with communicating religion in one way or another – to students, to the public, and to our research community. Moreover, what we study is itself a message: participants in our studies and creators of the documents we analyse are communicating religion, and what we receive as data is what Giddens referred to as the ‘double hermeneutic,’ or ideas and experiences that have already been mediated. What is the religion communicated to us? How do we communicate religion, and what is it that we communicate when we’re doing it?

Details of my paper to follow

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