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Updated: #BLM Protests

Coverage relating to ongoing #BLM protests in the aftermath of the killing of George Floyd.

Links relate to the central theme of this blog:

""My heart is broken. My mind is broken," she says. "I know I can't come back from this. But this can be replaced. George's life cannot. George's life was more important. That man that got killed in the most inhumane way. I hope he gets justice.""

Al Bawaba, Middle East Artists Show Support for Floyd, Taylor and Arbery "Visual artists, cartoonists, arts groups and human rights activists in the Middle East also expressed their stand with black lives through sharing art work especially made to reflect on the recent incidents."

Mashable, How a remix of 'This is America' became a TikTok anthem for protesting police brutality "As videos using the mashup went viral in early to mid-May, garnering millions of views and hundreds of thousands of likes, other non-black TikTok users began co-opting it to highlight other social issues. Young women used the sound to bring awareness to sexual assault on college campuses. A diabetic TikTok user added the song to a video about how much his insulin costs every month in a country without universal healthcare. A Muslim TikTok user included the song in a video bringing light to xenophobia he faced in school."
Miami Herald, Protest live updates: Ft. Lauderdale issues 9 pm curfew after clashes with ‘agitators’"The demonstration was organized in part by Muslim organizations in South Florida, including the ICNA Council for Social Justice. Some protesters, who held up signs that read “Muslims 4 Floyd” and “Black Lives Matter,” were drawn to the demonstrations after seeing images of Saturday’s massive protests."

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