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International Cyber Terrorism Regulation Project

David Fidler, Council on Foreign Relations, Terrorism, Social Media, and the El Paso Tragedy

"A few days before the El Paso attack, the International Cyber Terrorism Regulation Project (ICTRP) released findings and recommendations. The ICTRP is supported by the Global Research Network on Terrorism and Technology coordinated by the Royal United Services Institute and is led by the International Institute for Counter-Terrorism. The project is analyzing how governments, international organizations, and private-sector enterprises combat the online activities of terrorist groups. By cataloging components of the “regulatory toolbox,” the project seeks to make policy and legal strategies more transparent, identify how and why strategies around the world are similar and different, and generate recommendations for improving public and private actions to mitigate terrorist use of the internet. " Note: the paper (PDF link) is authored by members of the International Institute for Counter-Terrorism (ICT), Herzliya, Israel.

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