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I'm collecting Rohingya related stories here (many derived from my Twitter @garybunt). It forms an important element in relation to online activism, as well as being a human rights catastrophe. It's not possible to cover everything here, but over-time I intend to write about the digital dimensions of this issue.

Al Jazeera, R

ohingya facing 'lost generation' of children out of school "Ban on formal schooling, poor resources leave children of mostly Muslim minority without basic education, report warns."

BBC News, What awaits any Rohingya refugees who return to Myanmar? "If we are to consider what sort of life awaits any Rohingya Muslims who return to Myanmar's Rakhine state from their refugee camps in Bangladesh, our best bet is to look at the 400,000 Rohingyas in Rakhine at the moment: those who did not flee the Burmese military's brutal "clearance operation" last year and say they are living each day as prisoners in their own land. "

Daily Telegraph, What life is like in a refugee camp "I met Ahmena inside one of the women-friendly spaces in the camps where she is taking part in a World Food Programme (WFP) self-reliance project. She’s working with a piece of fabric, hand stitching traditional designs that will be turned into book covers and later sold. She receives a monthly stipend for the work and learns skills that can be used in the camp marketplaces."

Press TV (Iran), Facebook takes down more accounts linked to Myanmar military "Facebook has removed hundreds of accounts from its platform linked to Myanmar’s army and used to incite violence against minority Rohingya Muslims."

Channel News Asia, From terror to triumph: A young Rohingya woman's journey to the impossible

"Raised by a father who wanted more than his peasant's life for his daughters, Formin and her older sister, Nur Jahan, had defied those in their community who believed education was wasted on women. They were the only two girls from their village ever to finish high school."

Reuters, Andrew RC Marshall & Poppy McPherson, Fading Icon, 19 Dec 2018

"The United Nations accuses Myanmar’s military of a “genocidal” campaign against Rohingya Muslims, and says Suu Kyi and her government did nothing to prevent it. She is no longer hailed as a moral icon, but condemned for forsaking the oppressed." Profile of Aung San Suu Kyi

The Daily Star, Disband 'biased' panel on crimes against #Rohingya: HRW "Human Rights Watch today said Myanmar should disband its commission of inquiry into abuses in Rakhine state because it is clearly unwilling to seriously investigate alleged grave crimes against ethnic Rohingya."

Al Jazeera, Cox's Bazar: #Rohingya camp to be hardest hit by climate change

"If greenhouse gas emissions continue unabated, by 2050, Cox's Bazar will be the worst-hit district in South Asia as average temperatures rise and rainfall patterns become disruptive, a June 2018 World Bank report found. Living standards, measured in household expenditure, could fall by 20 percent by mid-century. "

Reuters, Erasing the Rohingyas: Point of No Return

"Hundreds of new houses are now being built in villages where the Rohingya resided, satellite images show. Many of these villages were burned, then flattened and scraped by bulldozers. The new homes are being occupied mainly by Buddhists, some from other parts of Rakhine. The security forces are also building new facilities in these areas."
Also see UNICEF: "This is how we're helping create safe spaces for women and girls in Rohingya refugee camps." [via Twitter]. More links to Rohingya issues via my Twitter

CNN, House says Myanmar crimes against Rohingya are genocide, 13 Dec 2018 "The US House of Representatives overwhelmingly passed a resolution Thursday declaring that the crimes committed by Myanmar's security forces against Rohingya Muslims constitute genocide -- a notable move given the US State Department has yet to make such a designation."

Relief Web, Multi-Sector Needs Assessment Report - Rohingya Refugee Response - July 2018

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