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Updated: Iran Net Shutdown

Background to the internet shutdown in Iran (ongoing)

AFP/al Bawaba, #TwitterBanKhamenei: Iranians Turn to Twitter to Fight Against Internet Shutdown Amid Protests "The hashtag #TwitterBanKhamenei went viral as Iranians call on Twitter to ban all accounts of Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, after the government almost completely shut off access to the internet across the country amid protests over an increase in fuel prices."
Zak Doffman, Forbes, Why Iran’s Internet Shutdown Is A Stark Warning For Russia "And so for anyone assuming the new internet kill switch would never be used by Putin to stem national level protests or escalating political dissent, they should maybe think again. In truth, the lesson from Iran plays into Russia’s hands: The complexity of an actual shutdown is lessened when a switch is built into the system. Which in fact comes with a twist: As much as these latest events should serve as a warning to Russia’s 150 million citizens, one can also assume that Teheran will be looking at making the job of effecting such a shutdown easier next time around. And they only need to look as far as Moscow for advice and assistance in that regard."
Netblocks, Internet disrupted in Iran amid fuel protests in multiple cities "Update: 24 hours after Iran implemented a near-total internet shutdown following several hours of regional and mobile blackouts, national connectivity remains at 5% of ordinary levels"

AFP/Al Arabiyya, "Iran to unblock internet once ‘abuse’ stops: Government "The Iranian government said Tuesday it will unblock the internet only when authorities are sure it will not be abused during violent demonstrations against a petrol price hike." The Register, Iran kills the internet for its people's own good as riots grip the Middle Eastern nation "Despite the draconian effort to stop the spread of information and protests by killing the internet, reports, pictures and videos continue to make their way out of the country, often through mobile phones that Iranians have installed foreign SIM cards into."
Maybe some quote marks are needed in this headline?
Golnaz Esfandiari, RFE/RL, Iran Shuts Down Internet Amid Violent Protests Over Gas-Price Hikes "It's like being in the dark," says an angry Iranian businessman in the capital, Tehran. "Now we know what the North Koreans have to deal with."
Radio Farda, Amnesty International Condemns Killing Of Scores Of Protesters In Iran "Based on official reports, the Islamic Republic security forces have killed tens of protesters, injuring hundreds and arresting thousands more. Some estimates speak of nearly 100 killed."

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