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Gary R. Bunt

UNC Press Islamic Civilization and Muslim Networks 15th Anniversary

Bruce B. Lawrence: Celebrating the Fifteenth Anniversary of the Islamic Civilization and Muslim Networks Book Series at UNC Press

"It is evident that ICMN can, and should, be applauded for what it has produced in the past fifteen years. It offers multiple perspectives–from junior and senior scholars, Muslim and non-Muslim, Afro-Asian and Euro-American, and all genders–that crisscross disciplines and foster fresh insight into the varied nature of Muslim networks and the resilient persistence of Islamic civilization. ICMN books aim to bring Islamic studies into vibrant conversations with the best ideas in history and theory. With Elaine’s surveillant eye, and her ability to enlist series editors and authors alike to pursue their fondest literary ventures, ICMN will celebrate other milestones beyond its fifteen-year mark, but the pause, and the applause, for this milestone is itself worthwhile."

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