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Gary R. Bunt

Weaponising Viking History

Time, White Supremacists Have Weaponized an Imaginary Viking Past. It's Time to Reclaim the Real History

I actually studied this subject many years ago, when completing my undergraduate degree, which had some focus on medieval history. So, it is a relevant one for this blog, given that Viking history has been so severely misrepresented over time. I have to say that my own tutor at the time, Prof. Alfred P. Smyth, was extremely enlightened on this subject, and was keen to convey the complexity and diversity of Viking societies.
"[But] far-right Viking medievalism is not about historical accuracy. Rather, it’s used to create narratives. So, to resist the medieval narratives that activate violent hate, we must create counternarratives — and to do that, we must understand the real Viking past and how it has been weaponized."

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