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'IS' online activities

Edith M Lederer, Associated Press, UN warns Islamic State losses shouldn't lead to complacency

"Russia's U.N. Ambassador Vassily Nebenzia said that while the Islamic States' income from contraband fuel continues to fall, the extremist group seized a number of oil fields in Syria's eastern province of Deir-el-Zour last autumn which enabled it to sell oil at $30-$35 a barrel for a number of months through intermediaries.

"He said IS and other extremist groups continue to take hostages, participate in the illegal trade in drugs and agricultural products, and the sale of organs and cultural artifacts - and they are constantly looking for new sources of income.

""Their coffers are being filled through trading in industrial products including sulfuric and phosphorous acid and cement," Nebenzia said. "They're also investing in fishing in Iraq. They're speculating on the stock markets, receiving income from cryptocurrencies, playing in online casinos, and also making use of scams on the internet and deliveries of fake medicines.""

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