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Gary R. Bunt

Uzbekistan 'reforms' in media

VOA, Uzbekistan Reforms: Is the Media a Bellwether?

"It’s been a dramatic two years since Shavkat Mirziyoyev became president of Uzbekistan, Central Asia’s most populous nation. Many doubted he could bring change, since he was a byproduct of the deeply rooted authoritarian regime ruled for 27 years by his predecessor Islam Karimov. But Mirziyoyev introduced ambitious reforms, promising transformation in every sector. Supporters and critics alike hope these sprouts of change endure. A country of more than 33 million, Uzbekistan is strategically important to all of the major powers. In the first of a three-part series, Navbahor Imamova, the first VOA journalist ever accredited to report from Uzbekistan, takes a hard look at what has and hasn’t changed for press freedom. Her next pieces will be on political reforms and Tashkent’s engagement with the world."

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