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Taliban Series

Kim Sengupta, Independent, For a former Taliban commander, the quiet life is a distant prospect

"Footage had appeared on Taliban propaganda sites of fighters wearing T-shirts emblazoned with the logo of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, their government in waiting, with labels of “special forces” and “quick assault team” and “red team”. Their kit appears to be new and the weapons well maintained."
Other parts of the Conflict Without End series: "Afghanistan election marred by bloodshed and corruption; the second part here: Afghanistan families torn apart by deadly carnage: ‘My grandson will have to see more dead bodies when he grows up’; the third part here: Raid on al-Qaeda bomb factory leaves dozens of wedding-goers dead, in latest Afghan violence ; the fourth part here On the Afghan campaign trail in the shadow of the destroyed Buddhas of Bamiyan, talk of Taliban return divides  the fifth part here: As Afghanistan heads to polls, Middle East rivalries threaten already fraught political scene  and the sixth part here: ‘Mumbai-style’ terror attacks thwarted in run-up to Afghanistan election"

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