I have supervised many postgraduate dissertations over the years, from MAs through to PhDs. Some of these have become available electronically through different means, as well as being published. I decided to set up a listing here, which I will continue to update as further links become available.

This is a very short listing, given the number that I have worked on (especially for the MA Islamic Studies at UWTSD). I will continue to search out others to list here. Please note that I'm not responsible for external links here. Contact me if you are interested in undertaking postgraduate work in my research areas.

Areas I am currently supervising include: historical and contemporary aspects of Shi'ism, historical biographies of Islamic figures, online religion, Islam and media representation, Islam and the environment, medical ethics and mental health.

PhD Theses

Abohajer, M.S.
Water resources and their conservation in Islamic Law Ph.D. 2015

Abusharif, I. Cyber-Islamic Environments and Salafī-Ṣūfī Contestations: Appropriating Digital Media and Challenges to Religious Authority, PhD 2019

Allers, C.,
Anwar Ibrahim: Evolution of a Muslim Democrat. (Monsoon Books, 2014). Book based on University of Wales Lampeter PhD

Auda, J.
Maqāsid al-Sharī`ah as Philosophy of Islamic Law, Book based on University of Wales Lampeter PhD, 2008

Kolbitsch, A., The reciprocal relationship between the ritualistic ta'zie role-play and twelver Shi'ite collective identity in Iranian history. PhD 2016

Pintak, L.
Islam, Nationalism and the mission of Arab journalism: A survey of attitudes towards religion, politics and the role of Arab media in the twenty-first century, 2008

Watkin, R.O., Arthur John Arberry (1905-1969): A Critical Evaluation of an Orientalist, PhD 2021

Webster, M.
Becoming Witch: Creating and Confirming Witch identities within Social Networking Spaces, PhD 2021

Zabidi, Taqwa b., Evaluation of Islamic Perspectives Regarding a Medical Condition Known as Disorders Of Sex Development (DSD), PhD 2021.

Master's Theses (MA and MRes)

Allen, F. (2014)
Islamophobia in the UK : the role of British newspapers in shaping attitudes towards Islam and Muslims. Master's thesis, University of Wales, Trinity Saint David.

Dalvi, Mohammed Subhan (2019) Fatawa and their development since the early Islamic era. Masters thesis, University of Wales Trinity Saint David.

Diwan, S. (2018). Pulling the plug - An Islamic Perspective of the Withdrawal of Life-Sustaining Treatment (WLST). MRes, University of Wales, Trinity Saint David.

Khalid, S. (2013)
Qur'anic exegesis and thematic coherence : comparing the approaches of Amr Khalid and Amin Islahi. Master's thesis, University of Wales, Trinity Saint David.

Ouston, M. (2013)
The ‘Prevent’ Strategy in Bedfordshire.‘Has the Government Prevent Strategy been implemented effectively for the Muslim communities in Bedfordshire? Do members of that community and practitioners view it as a positive or negative contribution to community cohesion, engagement and protection from vulnerability to radical extremism? Master's thesis, University of Wales, Trinity Saint David.

Parrott, J. (2018)
The golden rule in Islam : ethics of reciprocity in Islamic traditions. Master's thesis, University of Wales Trinity Saint David.

Rahman, A.K. (2022),
Islamic Environmental Ethics: A model for shaping Muslim attitudes in helping to promote environmental education, awareness and activism MRes, University of Wales Trinity Saint David

Watkin, R.O. (2014)
Sir William Jones (1746-1794) and Islamic studies. Master's thesis, University of Wales Trinity Saint David.

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